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The Manamal Radio Rock & Metal Shows 🔥The very best in rock n metal shows to keep your work week and your weekends rockin' 🔥 We have put together the best of the best when it comes to our kick ass rockin' weekly shows spinning on The Manamal's Pit radio for our listeners and here you can check em' all out. We have put together 6 killer shows from the […]

Paul Mckoy (born in March 1972 in Atlee Elmont, Virginia) is a rock DJ, music producer, radio host and founder of the streaming radio station The Manamal Radio. … He opened the 727 Studios in 2018, and worked with several local venues and artist through the years. Born into the grass roots of vintage hard rock and aor radio through the 70s he quickly became highly motivated with the early stages of heavy metal. Growing up a hesher in the 80s was the most incredible music experience with the emergence of glam, hair and sleaze acts front and center in the music industry captivating fans worldwide with a birth of a new craze. The 80s music changed the world of music and even into the 90s when most fans thought traditional metal was dead he continued taking the opportunity to follow and participate in the genre he loved. Also into the 2000’s traditional rock and metal was alive and well and he continued his focus on the genre promoting and working with bands in the fold.

Staying on the musical path from early childhood the latest project The Manamal Radio stays true to the old school featuring over 50 years of rock and metal. Traditional styles loved around the world such as aor, glam, hair, sleaze, melodic rock and metal mixed with new bands carrying the style into the next gen phase make up the baseline of the unique radio. The latest trend in music brings new hopes for old school headbangers, metalheads and heshers with vintage styled rock and metal in the spotlight once again. The new wave of vintage is an incredible fusion spanning 5 decades of musical experimentation and growth and man is it good rockers.

The message from The Manamal Radio is if you loved any part of the last 50 years past you’ll want to tune in and hear the next wave of NWOCR/NWOCM (New Wave Of Classical Rock & Metal).
See all you rockers on the stream, play it loud and play it proud!

My Favorite Quote

“Heavy metal is always going to be there. At its core, it’s all about a primitive connection we all need to keep in our lives.” – Rob Halford

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