Hard Rock Nights

A weekly syndicated program hosted by Brian Basher and bringing kick ass rock n’ roll goodness to the masses.

2 hours of the best rock n’ roll on the planet, brought to you every week by Brian Basher.
When it comes to rock n’ roll Hard Rock Nights “scratches all the right itches

The bands you know and love, some you may have forgotten about, and the ones you’ve never heard of… you’ll hear them all on Hard Rock Nights.
Hard Rock Nights has been rocking the airwaves for over ten years, bringing the best in vintage and new rock and metal
to the masses on stations worldwide every night of the week!

For the last 10 years Hard Rock Nights has been carrying the flag and leading the charge for real rock n’ roll all over the world.
Hosted by Brian Basher it’s about to be your new favorite rock show.

Show Features  – The Flashback Vault and The Classic That Rocks!

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