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Everyone loves our official website The Manamal Streaming Radio.com with a massive collection of the best in rock n’ metal spanning over 50 years.

Now we introduce our newest addition to The Manamal Network; The Manamal Radio.com, a faster and smaller version streamlined for those who just wanna rock out.

Here you will find all of our best in radio, video, news and band promotions with speed and efficiency especially for those on mobile devices. There is still a lot of work to get done on the site but we have made sure all of our best content is available and ready for maximum streaming to our followers. So jump right in, crank it up and bang some heads!!!


About The Manamal 2 Articles
Founder/Owner and Producer of The Manamal Radio Network Established in March 2018 we are one of the fastest growing next gen family owned and operated rock n metal media networks on the web. Currently serving all major labels and independent artist around the world we offer a large variety and unique mix of rock & metal media unlike any other!

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